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A Shift in Perspective

It had been a crazy week, and I was tired. That morning I’d rolled out of bed way past the buzz of my alarm, and our daily morning routine had been a train wreck of missing shoes and flaring tempers. I had barely pulled off getting the kids to school on time before heading out for some much-overdue errand running.
Three hours later I pulled into the driveway,  and told myself that after unloading the groceries I totally deserved to plop down on the couch in front of the TV while I scarfed down my lunch. I’d have just enough time before I had to leave again to pick up the kids from school. Yay for a break! 
As I started emptying plastic bags and putting produce in the fridge, I realized that in the rush of the morning, I hadn’t spent time with God. “Ugh,” I thought, “one more thing I totally failed at today.” I could almost audibly hear my inner critic, rattling on about how God must be so disappointed with me. He had to remind me to spend time with Him-- how sad is that? 
Yet in the mids…

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