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Connecting the Dots

Photo credit: Green Chameleon on Unsplash I sat across the desk from my college advisor, frustration starting to mount. "All I want is to sign up for Spanish 1," I thought to myself. "Why is she making this so difficult?" I sat there for another ten minutes as she droned on about how I'd taken French in high school, so naturally I should continue my language studies in that direction. Besides, the class sizes were smaller and it would be a much better experience, she reasoned. I finally caved just to get her to stop talking, thinking I'd just switch after the first semester when I wasn't required to meet with her any more. Four semesters later I found myself still taking French, and wondering why in the world I  had invested so much time learning something I was obviously never going to use, unless I visited Paris or moved to Quebec. College wasn't the greatest experience, and I added "taking French" to my list of dumb life choices, pr

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